As your customers become aware of the negative impact Styrofoam has on our environment, they are increasingly expecting their food service providers to use eco-friendly alternatives. For a few cents more, you can give your customers to-go containers and tableware that is made from 100% natural plant material, completely recyclable and compostable, contains NO chemicals or plastics, and is never bleached white. marker
Elegant, Disposable Tableware, Take-Out, and Utensils
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About Your Green 2 Go
Doing the right thing for our environment has never been so beautiful. Your Green 2 Go is the perfect alternative for those who need economical, disposable tableware and take-out containers
that are elegant,
strong, and best of
all, 100% natural
and biodegradable.
Biodegradable plates

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Do The Right Thing
Your Green 2 Go is a leading provider of all-natural, biodegradable, and compostable products for the food service industry. We believe:
  • that small choices can make a big difference.
  • that living green can and should be beautiful and elegant
  • that we can protect our environment without destroying the bottom line
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Biodegradable bowls
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